4 Things To Remember When Renewing Your Home Contents And Home Buildings Insurance 2019

Each year when our renewal notices through the mail from our home contents insurance and / or home insurance building , most of us automatically sign the form and send it come to the insurance company - after all, we know how in the premiums. Big financial mistake, and here are four reasons :

You bought something new in the last year ?

If for example you have bought something new in the last year a new TV or a VCR, then the value of this new purchase will not be included in the renewal notice you just sent to the insurance company . And if you sell something of value , not informed last year and has the insurance, you pay insurance for something that is not in your possession. Anyway, you do not pay the correct amount of insurance premiums .

Stay costs have static ?

If you have contents insurance for your home, then make sure that your replacement cost of personal property in order to buy it again . On the other hand you should take some of your buildings insurance home the cost of labor and materials. Now ask yourself , is the cost of replacing the picture hanging in the living room is the same as it was last year today? If the answer, it would cost more happiness, not only pay what you said , the cost of replacing it would be! The same can be said of your friendly builder , would the same for an hour of their time and materials charge today as he made wit last year? If the answer is no, then you should expect to pay the difference .

The value of your home will remain the same ?

As above, the building insurance of the house, you need to ask yourself if the value of your home stayed the same this year as last year? You should this question even if you have no work at home is not done - such as the development of expansion - the course automatically to your home value .

Your home is safer today ?

Here's the question , you have done something to your house last year, that would mean true home safer today than last year? For example, you have your doors and windows locked added ? If so, then there is a good chance that the premium of your home insurance content would be reduced because the security of your home is an important step in assessing your premium ( to check the crime rate in your area factor , and perhaps want, and to see whether it increases or decreases has ) .

Note that the time available to anyone. As such, on your insurance and / or buildings insurance renewal notices read home with great care you need to ensure that they do not even reflect today 's life and the life to be as accurate as possible

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