Rapper  XXXTentacion  shot  dead in Florida, police say

Rapper XXXTentacion Dies After Shooting



According to the police, XXX left just before the Deerfield Beach, Florida state 16:00 RIVA motorsports. He approached the two armed suspects.

At least one of the suspects shot XXX, both escaped to SUV. The investigator says there is a possibility of flying.

XXX was transferred to Broward Health North and he was pronounced dead. A survey is ongoing.

In the first half of the day, the source was real name Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy A rapper told the variety that he was seriously injured. TMZ reported for the first time that XXX was “out of pulse” after the incident.

Broward County official said that “Male victim” was carried to the local city hospital Approximately 43 miles North At Miami’s Deerfield Beach “continuous exchange of fire” shows that there was there It started by doing. “It is also known as Jahweh Onfroy, XXXTentacion.

In a statement to diversity, we are deeply sorry for his family at Caroline Records, label XXXTentacion. “Everyone in Caroline is shocked by tragic death Jahseh Humphrey to learn that is expertly known to his relatives by XXXTentacion.

In 2017, the rookie hip-hop appeared on the cover of the next XXL magazine, influential number ‘freshman’ Kamiya, with Witda Boogie Parker, PNB lock MadeinTYO, playboy Carti, amines, Cape KYLE G and ugly god did. XXX won the fan’s vote to make a cover.

Florida’s 20-year-old native was involved during her pregnancy with a legal question about a friend’s suspicion beating. Conflicts led to numerous articles acknowledge his music, including those published in pitchfork titles “exploding XXXTentacion behind the bar, whether the big music industry calls the big music industry a” common symbol”. Should I do it? ”

XXX was also one of the artists of Spotify – since withdrawal – prohibition imposed “hateful” deleting his music from popular playlists like rap caviar.

The time after XXXTentacion of his death won the first two places on the song’s playlist with the top label “?”: “Rest in peace, XXXTENTACION”.


About the rapper that appeared in the new era of Miami In the article on June 5, I talked about the rise of hip-hop stars in the problem of her unstable family life and law. In the play XXX is cited to say that allegations of abuse are said to be “emanated from hearsays” and “women are more than most powerful men”.

In March, from his album “?” XXXTentacion, in his previous version called “17”, ranked second in the debut with Billboard 200 on number one

XXXTentacion started making music after serving at youth work center. In an interview with Jumper, released on YouTube in 2016, Rapper, he was deleted from his choir, because he was physically assaulted by other students, in detail in early childhood I explain the part.

Miami’s New Times piece also documented another example where a rapper was excluded from Margate Middle School after he joined more physical conflicts. XXXTentacion left the formal educational system when he dropped out of high school two years after his beat’s report.

After the prison sentence for imprisonment and his ex-lover’s battery, XXXTentacion returned to 2017 with a newly released version of the song “Look At Me” to the music.

This song became controversial because of the stylistic similarities with Drake. The song “Kuomintang”, Drake leads to allegations raising the nature of music of XXXTentaction. In the interview, the rapper condemned Drake who publicly ignored his work.

Recently, in a live video posted on his Instagram, the rapper, if he had, had his hope for those words, influenced, will suffer a tragic death. ”

“I will die tragically or I could not have dreamed of me The worst thing is … I am aware that at least children will notice my message and do something on my own I wanted to know that I was able to take my message and use them and turn them into positive things and at least a good life, “Tentacion says in the video.” If I die or sacrifice, I will want to make sure that my life will make at least 50,000 children happy. ”