Top most amazing treasures found accidentally

Top most amazing treasures found accidentally

Treasures are discovered now and then from ancient artifacts down to modern masterpieces. However, these treasures are most often discovered after thorough and exploratory research.

Some are also discovered by accident. Here are top most amazing treasures found accidentally.

• The world’s largest pearl: In 2006, a fisherman from Philippine went fishing when his anchor got struck by a 1 foot wide 2.2 feet long pearl.

The pearl weighs approximately 75 pounds and is estimated to worth hundreds of million dollars.

• Uncle Sam diamond: The State Park in Arkansas attracts lots of tourist from across the globe because most times rainfall washes diamonds to the surface of the park.

Over 75 thousand diamonds have been found in the park since its inception in1906. However, the largest of it all was discovered in 1924 by Wo Basham and named Uncle Sam diamond. It weighs about forty points to three carats.

• Atari games landfill: In the 80s, Atari games were prominent and made huge sales. However, a large part of one of its games was later dumped after about 34 days of development.

In 2014, these cartridges were discovered at a landfill and sold for thousands of dollars.

• The Dead Sea Scrolls: There are so lots of unexplored places in the world, and you would be sure where the next treasure is buried.

In the year 1946 close to the Dead Sea, fragments of writing where found hidden in a cave. Up to date, it is still not known who wrote or stored those writings.

• Valuable artworks: In 2016 a French family was renovating their leaky roof when they found a Caravaggio painting worth over a hundred and fifty million dollars.

This invaluable piece of artwork known as Holofernes was believed to be designed by Martin Johnson a 19th-century artist.

• Rosetta Stone: One of the most valuable artifacts ever found is the Rosetta stone. The stone is believed to be used as a piece of political propaganda in Egypt thousands of years ago.

The stone was, however, buried and was only discovered in 1799 during the Napoleonic Wars near the town of Rosetta.

• Chinese Bowl garage sales: In 2007 a family in New York was searching for a bolt of place on a mantelpiece as a decoration.

After purchasing one with Chinese designs for three dollars, they realized that the drawings where about five inches in diameter.

Out of curiosity, they consulted with experts soon realized that it was a thousand-year-old ding Bowl from Song Dynasty. It was later sold for a whopping sum of 2.2 million dollars.

• Three secret stashes of comics: In the year 2011 Michael Rohrer of Virginia found an ancient collection of 345 comic books in his late auntie’s home.

These included Action Comics from the 30s and 40s, which he sold for a total sum of 3.5 million dollars.

• The Terracotta Army: In 1974, a group of farmers from the xingyang village in China, we’re out toiling the fields in an attempt to dig a water well when they discovered one of the most important fights in archaeological history- the terracotta army.

The artifacts consisted of bronze arrows and pieces of warriors.

• Hana Mundaka palace: In 2011 during some renovation works on Hana Mundaka a former 16th century royal capital of Nepal three boxes of treasure weighing about 661pounds and which contained and contained coins and ornaments were discovered.


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