Top 10 Times Nature Made Us Say NOPE

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Nature is beautiful and amazing. In fact, nothing beats nature; it is simple yet sophisticated. However, nature can be disgusting. Somethings you would see and wish you never turned your head.

Others are extremely horrifying. While we are all of the different personalities, which determine what we find disgusting and horrifying, somethings are unbearable.

Pyura Chilensis
This is a living rock found between Peru and Chile. It is considered a creature. The last thing you want with this is cutting into the rock. It is slim and looks like a bleeding rock.

The slim flesh makes it look weird and unpleasant. The explanation by scientists attributes the meat in the rock to seawater that is sucked through naturally by the filter system.

As seawater is sipped through the rock, microorganisms are released. If you haven’t come across the living rock I bet you will have the same feeling.

Blood oozing fungus
It is commonly referred to as Hydnellum Pecki. The bleeding tooth fungus name results from a stomach-turning experience.

If you have come near this fungus then you know what it means by stomach turning. It is also known as a red-juice tooth. I know the names sound devilish but it is what the fungus is because of its bleeding and gnashers.

The very appearance of Hydnellum Pecki is scary whether you are looking from the bottom or the top.

Blood oozes from the topside of the fungus and gnashers, which are tooth-like protrude as spines from the bottom. While it is ugly, it is not poisonous however much that sounds obvious to you. In fact, the mold is a natural way of decomposing food.

The first sign that you should not eat food is a mold. The appearance of a mold should be a red sign of contaminated food thus keep off. While it is a natural and necessary process, the point here is disgusting.

Have you come across a centipede? The legs are just too many and scary too look. Imagine that creature rolling over your skin while you are chilling down a tree or in your backyard.

Leave alone the threat of a bite, the appearance of it is a no for me. The insect rolls on pieces of legs, they can’t qualify to be legs.

You should be grateful human beings are way bigger than centipedes. The look is a nope!

If you have never seen catfish eating pigeons then you should. These creatures are really terrifying; the scene of catfish eating a bird is messy.

You won’t look at it twice. Maybe because I like pigeons; but aren’t they beautiful birds to watch? The fish can only be described best as a monster. Female catfish are more terrifying than the male species.

The way they handle pigeons is merciless and unfair. Furthermore, the female species is several centimeters long more than the male.

Fertilization process of the two is disgusting; the male climbs up the female like a parasite.

Humpback Anglerfish
The female appearance of this creature is terrifying. The male species seems better. It represents the other side of nature, ugly!

Image of frogspawn is horrific. Not only is the name for the frog eggs ugly but the lumps. Am kids can’t bear the look of frogspawn. It is terrifying.

While I have never felt them on my skin, I imagine the lumps that seem like cold jelly sliding through my fingers. Get some pictures of frogspawn and see what I mean. I bet you won’t look at the second photo.

Active lava pit
Hills and vegetation on top of mountains are beautiful. The natural growth and formation of hills are incredible. Geographical explanations that describe how particles of soil were moved by forces of nature to pile up is interesting.

But my wonder remains with the hole on top of the mountain. I don’t understand lone adventurers and explorers that take photos beside such holes with a smiling pose.

While volcanoes and lava are awesome formations, the hole looks like the road to hell.

I say nope to volcano views. The eruptions are scary, to say the least. What do people find interesting with the eruptions? Scientific explanations of heated lava from beneath the earth make it weird.

Tree that bleeds
First, tree sap is gross. It doesn’t matter the explanations of natural functions behind the release of the fluids. The sticky and lazy flow is disgusting.

To make it worse for this tree, the sap is red in color. The color is enough description for me; I can’t stand the look. Thanks to some photographers who spared few seconds to capture pictures of the tree, which is common in Africa.

The picture tells it all, if you are reading this at lunchtime then you shouldn’t look at the picture because you might not hold down your food.


Devils Finger Fungus
This is the most horrific plant I have ever come across. A picture ay does not describe it well and sadly am not sure where you can find any because I am not interested in the plant.

It evolves through various stages, which makes it weird and disgusting to watch. The growth of the plant starts in a protective shell that bursts and this is where you should witness. Once the shell bursts, bloody like substance with tentacles flow out. It is a plant hatching.

The scene is not interesting. I mean, why would a plant hatch? Hatching is obvious and incredible to watch when it is a bird breaking its shell and exercising its wings. It is completely different when it comes to an Octopus devilish plant covered by fungus.

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