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What’s your painful experience? Everyone remembers that experience that brought them pains. However, in this article, we will count down to the top 10 most painful things ever experience in the world.

10. Childbirth: Without this, the human race would cease to exist. Thus, childbirth is a wonderful miracle of life. This experience is described by many as the most painful thing they have ever gone through.

Just picture your reproductive organ ripping out to bring a newborn into the world, scary right? The time taken during childbirth differs among women, but the pain they go through is something they tend not to forget

9. Tetanus: This is a bacterial infection that affects the nervous system. Muscle spasms, lockjaw, difficulty in breathing are effects of this disease.

One becomes infected with these bacteria when a rusty substance punctures the skin. Clostridium tetani is the bacteria responsible for this disease, there is no known cure, however, there are vaccines that can prevent tetanus.

8. Cluster headaches: Most of us have experience headaches. Some people have migraines which are touch, but only a few unlucky people have experienced cluster headaches.

This condition is a neurological disorder; they are much worse than a usual headache or migraines.

7. Trigeminal neuralgia: This is a disorder of the trigeminal nerve; this verve performs an important function which is to transport sensation from the face to the brain.

When one has this condition, they experience excruciating pain as a result of any stimulation on the face. This condition occurs when the nerve is altered usually by a blood vessel.

Men and people older than 50 are more prone to this condition, it cannot be cured but can be managed through medication and sometimes surgery.
6. Stonefish: This fish is extremely poisonous, can camouflage amongst stones and have sharp spines they use in injecting their venom.

The venom can cause pain in the feet, legs, lead to swelling, rashes, heavy cramps and even death. A victim of this fish described the pain as holding an oxy welding torch on your foot that works it wat up to the entire leg.

5. Second-degree burn: Second-degree burn are more painful compared to third-degree burn. In the later, the burn may destroy your tissues as well as your nerve endings which may lead to a numb feeling.

In second degree burn, there is pain, swelling, blistering and redness that affect the epidermis but not the nerve, thus, the pain is severe.

4. Dercum’s disease(Durham’s disease): This is a rare condition characterized by the growth of fatty tumors beneath the skin of a person, this tumor tends to grow around the extremities and the torso.

Lumps that causes appear on the body, they press nerve endings which will activate pain receptors.

3. Bullet ant sting: Have you been stung by an ant before? If yes, how did you feel? The bullet ant is a species of ant known for its powerful sting.

The Schmidt sting pain index ranked the bullet ants sting as the most painful. This insect is native to the rainforest in Central and South America and can grow up to 1.2 inches long.

2. The Tub: This is one of the cruelest forms of torture on earth, it was inverted by the Persians and is also known as SCAF.

How it is carried out: the victim would be put into two wooden tubs or canoes with their head and legs sticking out then their head and legs would be doused in honey to attract bees and other things, these critters would attack the victim continuously.

1. Ling Qi(lingchi): Are you familiar with the phrase “death by a thousand cut?” This is a form of torture or execution method developed by the Chinese.

The prisoners would be tied to a wooden frame and displayed in public; the torturer would then use a knife to remove small pieces of flesh over an extended period.

The torturers would make sure no deadly cuts would be made so as to prolong death.

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