Top 10 Most Extremely Dangerous Dinosaurs

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Dinosaurs are traditionally associated with doom. While this is true, not all of them are as dangerous as you might think. Here is a heads up for you; don’t expect any marine reptile on this list because they are not dinosaurs.

Most likely you have heard of this type of dinosaur because it is among the popular and well known in the species. Popularity is not our concern this time, the danger associated with this type is immeasurable.

It is extremely big in size with intimidating spikes. Actually, it attacks other dinosaurs. Apart from the tail spikes, which keep away every creature, stegosaurus is physically intimidating.

The large body covered in plates and spikes protruding from the tail, which elongate to the feet is enough to scare you. No one in the wilderness wants to cross the way of a stegosaurus.

Its herbivore nature makes the animal worse, it does not attack for food but to kill and destroy anything that seems like a threat.

The huge size of this dinosaur was also intimidating. It measured at least a feet long and weighed three metric tons. Technically, it would lift any obstacle in the habitat.

Other animals including small dinosaurs were far from a threat. Furthermore, Mapusaurus hunted in packs. Imagine coming across seven gigantic creatures frustrated after miss hunt, there is no mercy.

The existence of these dinosaurs was a threat to wildlife including other sub-species of dinosaurs that were smaller.

Utah Raptor
These were smallest of all dinosaurs. However, the size was only a cover for its weird and killer tactics. It was easy to undermine a Utahraptor assuming it is a small dinosaur with no hunting tactics.

The assumption would only last as far as the distance between the hunter and prey existed. These dinosaurs were extremely fast and flexible. Their vicious nature means they would attack from far distances.

Defining a threat was difficult on the existence of this species; because they would attack almost any moving creature.

You are justified to call them insecure because that is what was depicted with their number of killings in a day with no significant danger posed to them.

These dinosaurs were among the biggest in history. While the huge physic and structure were intimidating enough to other dinosaurs and any moving animal in the habitat, the strength was in the teeth.

Carcharodontosaurus had eight inch long serrated teeth. A single bite could kill the small dinosaurs. To complement the sharp and long teeth, Carcharodontosaurus had huge and strong jaws that could lift dinosaurs weighing up to nine hundred and thirty-five pounds.

Although the dinosaurs were relatively slow in attack, the jaw and teeth were intimidating. Once they pinned another dinosaur down, the killing was simple as one bite.

This type of dinosaur is among the dangerous animals that existed on planet earth. Their hunting technique is similar to cats as they focused on biting and holding on until the prey bleeds to death.

The serrated and sharp teeth of these dinosaurs could easily cut through the hard skin. In fact, traces and shape of the teeth were found in elephants. An elephant should be the safest animal in the wilderness because of its size and vigor; however, it was no problem for Majungasaurus.

These dinosaurs are also said to be cannibals because most of the dead dinosaurs in this category have marks of the sharp and strong teeth. The teeth stick in the flesh to ensure a threat bleeds to death.

These are the biggest carnivore dinosaurs that ever existed; if the name has not scared you enough then you need to see its big stature. Spinosaurus had a wild look; these were hunters.

The dinosaurs ate any kind of meat they came across any time. This means they were always hunting thus meeting them in the bush would never have been safe.

Just like all hunters and carnivores, Spinosaurus was fast. Besides, the dinosaurs could swim across long distances to find fresh meat either in the water or across. They had endless food options, unlike other dinosaurs.

These were simply monsters. The four horns on their faces and wild stare pushed all other dinosaurs away. The only way to keep safe from these creatures was avoiding them.

The dinosaurs were not only big but also heavy; they weighed up to eight metric tons. The whole body of this type of creatures was covered with armored plates that protected them from any form of attack.

Cubbed tail was the primary strength of these dinosaurs. It was heavy and strong that when swung with enough force, no predator would stand.

This is considered the most vicious type of dinosaurs that ever existed. The size was enough to intimidate any predator. Allosaurus was renowned for their effectiveness in killing; the appearance of the creature would result in the flight of every other creature in the habitat. It would exist on its own most of the time.

The size of these dinosaurs might fool you until you see the claws. The massive claws literally cut off throats in a fight. As small as they were, the violence and fighting spirit were enormous. They would squeeze prey between the claws and eat it alive.

This is the most dangerous dinosaur. They were renowned as carnivore big daddies; nothing could beat them or even attempt to fight. It had tiny arms that might look funny but they were effective fighting tools for the dinosaurs. The length and sharpness of the teeth were incomparable.


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