Top 10 Most Dangerous Buildings that People Still Live In

A good number of us live in safe and secure homes all thanks to the modern health safety regulations which ensure that old and damaged buildings are demolished with new ones built. However, here are top 10 dangerous buildings that people still do live in.

Castellfollit de la Roca Building: Located in Spain, this castle has been inhabited for more than thousand years. It is not a place to live for those with the phobia for heights.
It was formed thousands of years ago from the eruptions of a volcano.

Solvay Hut Building: I August 1915, a Belgian climber Ernest Solvay dedicated a mountain ID in which the Silva Hut was built.

The shelter is believed to have claimed lots of lives since its inception and most often emergency shelters are needed to raise animals and humans.

UNESCO World Heritage(Meteora Monasteries): Located close to the town of Kalambaka in central Greece, the building is bordered by huge monolithic pillars.

The building which is occupied by monks and nuns, initially had no stairs until the late 1920s when stairs were carved from the rocks.

People were, however, pulled up in a monk basket before the creation of these stairs.

Cheyenne con SU aka hanging temple China(XUan kong si aka hanging temple): Known as the hanging temple, is a temple built by Lee al Ron a monk in a bid to prevent flooding and also provide a quiet place for meditation.

Built into a cliff of about 75 meters above ground level, the temple is the only remaining temple that depicts all of China’s Taoism Buddhism religion.

Runwell Road ,wickford,essex : A building doesn’t actually need to be on a cliffside before its tagged dangerous. Its location could be life-threatening.
The Wickford Essex building located in Britain is said to have witnessed over 60 car crashes on the road that stretches across it.
Some of these vehicles are said to have crashed into this home killing its occupants.

Lichtenstein Castle: Located in Germany, this beautiful castle sits at a height of about 117m. An extremely dangerous building with its outer wall built on the edge of a cliff.
It was built in 1840 with an uncertain durability. Tourists are advised to walk gently along its path and to stay away from its windows.

The Pink houses in New York: Some Brooklyn tenants that leave in the pink houses have claimed that their houses have been neglected by authorities.

The pink houses are well-known for unlit stairwells and absolutely unsafe with malfunctioning elevators.
The leaning towers of Santos: Located in the city of Santos Brazil, the waterfront is adequately lined with high-rise apartment buildings which should provide an outstanding view from the water, however, these buildings tilt slightly to one side and on each other making it pretty unsafe for people to leave in.
Coral white tree houses ( Korowai tree houses): The Indonesian district of papow were left undeveloped until 1974. Its unfriendly humid environment and unfriendly animals made its resident result in building tree houses.
It is one of the most inhospitable places to live in as tree houses are not regular and may fall and kill its inhabitants.
Phoenix house Hawaii: This house is located some four miles away from moon Aloha in Hawaii beneath one of the largest volcanoes on earth.