If you find insects fascinating, then you will love the information this article contains. We will be counting down on top 10 massive insects that are actually real. This list consists of insects alone, no spiders, centipedes or scorpions.

10. Hercules beetle: From the name of this beetle you should already know this insect is not messing around, it is incredibly strong and is capable of lifting heavier objects than itself up to 850 times its own body weight.

This beetle can grow up to 6.7 inches in length and have large horns which they use in lifting objects, fighting, and dominance. Despite their size, the Hercules beetles are not aggressive but gentle.

9. Tarantula hawk: This is a huge wasp that literally hunts tarantulas. They use their toxic sting to take down their prey.

Humans that have been stung by this insect will testify that the pain is unbearable and it is accompanied by paralysis that will last for 5 minutes. The Tarantula hawk is the largest wasp in the USA.

8. Giant water bug: This insect is found in many places across the world, in some areas, this insect can grow up to 4.7 inches long.

You can find them in the remote wilderness as well as urban areas near water; they are attracted to street lamps and are often mistaken for less harmful insects. The giant water bug is a predator to some insects and is also known as toe biters or alligator ticks. They may attack humans when threatened.

7. Beetle babies: These are gentle giants also referred to as mega soma acti, these beetles can grow up to 2.75 inches wide and 4.75 inches long.

6. Titan beetle: This is the biggest beetle in the world with a size of about 6.6 inches. Despite their large size, they can fly off in pairs; however, they have to climb to a certain height before taking off. They are often round in South America rainforest and have a strong mandible they use in crushing their preys.

5. Goliath beetle: These insects are found in the tropical rainforest of Africa. These insects are not the biggest with regards to length but combining bulk and weight together, they are considered as one of the largest and heaviest bugs in the world with weight up to 3.5 ounces.

They spend much time in the pupil phase just like every insect species and when in the adult phase, they mate and live for about three months.

4. Queen Alexandra’s birdwing: This insect is the largest butterfly in the world. The male butterfly is more popular than the female, although the female butterflies take the title of the largest butterfly in the world. The female Queen Alexandra has a wingspan of nearly 10 inches.

3. Atlas moth: This insect was named after a Greek Titan, it has a wingspan up to 10 inches. It was once thought of as the largest moth in the world but recent studies have confirmed Hercules moth as the largest.

2. Giant Wetty: This insect has thrived on surrounding island can grow up to 4 inches, excluding the legs and has an average weight of quarter ounces. Their genus deinacrida also translates to a terrible grasshopper.

1. Marauding Bamboo Giants / Amorphic gargantuan: This insect tops our list of massive insects that are actually real. These bugs have different varieties but spotting them is difficult.

They are huge, have a freaky appearance, and the longest of this insect that was discovered in China measured 4.6 inches.


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