Top 10 Cocktails for Women - TOP 10 COCKTAILS FOR WOMEN

We are more concerned about female cocktails today. So, if you are having an all-girls hang out or organizing a party for ladies alone, and you need a feminine type of drink, then continue reading.

In this article, we will introduce you to the top 10 cocktails for women.

10. Pina Colada: We cannot skip this legendary frozen drink that has gained worldwide popularity from our list. Pina Colada is the national drink of Puerto Rico; many believe the Puerto Rican pirate invented this drink. This drink consists of pineapple, coconut and rum as it ingredient.
9. Mint Julep: The first time this drink was brought to light was in 1784 where it was used to treat digestive disorders. The Mint Julep is the official drink of Kentucky Derby and has different variations such as whisky, brandy or gin as the spirit of choice. The most famous cocktail is bourbon with fresh mint, sugar, ice cream.
8. Mojito: Although this classic drink has several variations, the Brazilian Caipirinha is the most popular. White rum, lime juice, mint, sugar, water are ingredients to prepare this drink.

To make a good Mojito, ensure you crush the mint leaves properly to bring out the full flavor. The origin of this drink is unknown. But we believe that this delicious drink comes from Havana in Cuba.

7. Bloody Mary/Caesar: This classic drink is one of the most complicated cocktails in the world. The ingredients used in the preparation of this drink include different varieties of vegetables and spices such as pepper, salt, celery, Tabasco sauce, olives and Worcestershire sauce and many others. The difference between the Bloody Mary and Caesar is the use of Tomato juice and Clamato respectively.
6. Screwdriver: Vodka and orange juice are the primary ingredients of this cocktail which is the official drink of the International Bartender Association.
The history of this drink goes back to the Persian Gulf. Oil workers mix orange juice and vodka in the Persian Gulf. Brandy, gin and cognac can also be used to make this drink.
5. Whiskey / Amaretto Sour: This drink consists of a mixture of egg white, lemon juice, sugar, and whiskey. It has a foamy texture and a small boost of protein to boot. Several variations of this drink have been invented; some prefer amaretto instead of whiskey because it makes the drink sweeter and gives it an almond flavor.
4. Sangria: This dark colored drink originated from the regions of Portugal and Spain. The juice is made of red wine, chopped fruit or fruit juice and some type of sweeteners.
There are several ways to prepare a drink, but you can use white wine or ripe wine instead of red wine and the selected fruit will be mango, melon, peach or fruit.
3.Margarita: Although this salt-rimmed drink is popular in the United States, it actually originated in Mexico. This ingredient has a combination of tequila, three seconds, citrus juice, this drink can be served directly or frozen. The drink can also smell with peaches, bananas and strawberries.
2. Sex on the beach: This alcoholic drink contains flavor that makes it difficult to resist. It involves the combination of vodka, orange juice, peach schnapps and cranberry juice.
Pineapple juice, Chambord, melon liqueurs, coconut rum and other attractive ingredients can be used as ingredients.
1. Cosmopolitan: This cocktail makes the top of our list on the top cocktails for women. Ingredient used in preparing this drink include lime juice, cranberry juice, triple sec and vodka.
This drink is believed to have originated from Massachusetts, and has gained popularity within the last thirty years.


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