Preparing for Hair Transplant Surgery

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Hair transplant can make you young and attractive. Your doctor should prepare for the surgery to know exactly what to do to improve the operation. If you follow the instructions, you get much better results.

When a doctor looks at you a few weeks before the operation, you review exactly what procedure you are taking. Before making this final promise, he has a renewed heart, so I will explain the operation in detail. She reviews the problems that may occur during the hair transplant procedure.

Then you will receive instructions to improve your hair transplant surgery. Some of the items on the list may interfere with the doctors in your life, but it is really necessary to get the best results.

If you smoke before transplanting your hair, you will be asked to stop smoking at least until you have surgery. This is important since smoking can heal more slowly by preventing blood from flowing through the skin.

It can be hard to do, but if you stop smoking just for surgery, it may not be too difficult. And once you do, you may want to stay in a cigar or cigar even after the hair transplant has healed. Otherwise, at least it will allow you to heal your skin.

You can receive specific instructions to eat several weeks before the hair transplant surgery. Excessive alcohol consumption can be a problem due to anesthesia or the drugs you must take while you are taking, so you may be asked not to take your head until you have healed. It may even tell you to take certain vitamins and medications.

The doctor will discuss where the hair transplant procedure will be performed. Even though you have a nurse, you can help tour the facilities. In most cases, it will be a clinic or an ambulatory surgery center.

I feel as comfortable as you can. Unless you are a member of a very small group, you do not have to stay in the hospital all night.

I have time to talk about doctors and anesthesia. You are probably sedated and tell you that you will be given a local anesthetic. This will help you relax and is not part of the hair transplant procedure. You only feel the pressure on the scalp.

Finally, you will be asked to make arrangements to take it home the day of the hair transplant. He can not drive for sedation. It would not be wise to do it at least. Because you may need to relax the first or second day, you can ask someone to accompany you even if it is purely optional.

If you meet all of your doctor’s recommendations, you will be fully prepared for hair transplant surgery when that day arrives. This is a big problem for you. Then, you can treat it with the severity it deserves.

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