“Last Man Standing” Most Watched Comedy on Fox in 7 Years

“Last Man Standing” Most Watched Comedy on Fox in 7 Years

Last Man Standing

After canceling the television series “Last Man Standing” in 2017, the new season at Fox has started surprisingly well.

Eight million viewers watched the premiere of season seven of Tim Allen’s 30-minute sitcom on Friday night, Sept. 28, according to Entertainment Weekly. This made the most-watched comedy about Fox in almost seven years.

Allen also participated in his first match on Thursday night, Sept. 27, where the Minnesota Vikings defeated the Los Angeles Rams to promote his show. Fox also announced the sitcom on Fox Sports during NASCAR, college football, and MLB and NFL games.

In fact, the Fox season premiere, “Last Man Standing,” saw more viewers than its first season on ABC, making the series an important addition to the Fox Friday series.

“Last Man Standing” talks about a married man named Mike Baxter with three girls. As the marketing manager of an outdoor sports store and a house dominated by four women, he often tries to maintain his masculinity in a humorous way.


Vanessa, her housewife, plays Nancy Travis, returns to work and has to do more work than her parents, which turns out to be a challenge.

Fox took over “Last Man Standing” in May.

“It really makes sense,” said Michael Thorn, president of Entertainment at Fox after AdWeek. “And fortunately, Tim wanted to do it.” ……Last Man Standing