Is Hair Transplant Painful?

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Many people who think of hair transplants are wondering if the procedure is painful. Often, it is difficult for these people to think that people have a delicate scalp and the idea that someone could hurt them there.

There is a discrepancy as to whether the hair transplant is painful or not.

Some say that hair transplantation is similar to dental practice. It seems that this is not an explanation of painless. It does not look like a relaxing experience. However, some people think that this level of pain is involved.

It is obviously painful to some extent to inject a local anesthetic into the scalp prior to the hair transplant procedure. Everyone who has pulled a tooth knows that if the teeth are properly exhausted, it is not a painful tooth that pulls. It’s a needle that uses drugs to paralyze teeth. It’s a real pain.

Of course, following an analogy with the teeth, after anesthesia, there is a lot of pain in the area where the tooth was previously. The hair transplant causes pain after surgery.

Swelling is normal after the hair transplant and can even protect you from work. You can feel your skull is very unusual for weeks.

However, the pain of hair transplantation cannot be compared with tooth extraction. The pain of hair transplantation is obviously not painful and there are things that do not feel like pain. Many people just feel it unpleasant. When they feel pain, it is something that can be treated with a small amount of Tylenol.

On the other hand, some people who receive a hair transplant feel that the pain does not occur at all. They tolerate properly the injection of local anesthetic. You do not disturb the process at all. In fact, they often watch television, read magazines, wake up and are always alert.

Hair transplantation is certainly less painful than when most of the scalp has been excised. This required more cutting to remove the donor’s hair and cut to introduce the donor’s hair into the recipient’s site.

The hair transplant was very painful in the past. Today, not all doctors have abandoned the old way. This is a reason to ask a lot of questions when looking for a hair transplant surgeon.

Today’s hair transplantation technique uses only follicular units and does not use large amounts of surrounding tissue for donor grafts. This greatly reduces the pain you feel. This procedure is now minimally invasive and the scalp is no more disturbed than necessary.

After all, hair transplantation with experienced and experienced surgeons is an important key to less painful surgery. A doctor who knows the best way to perform the procedure can achieve better results with less pain.


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