How to Take Care after Hair Transplant Surgery

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After deciding on the hair transplant, you are probably planning a postoperative plan. Do not wait until the face of your friend or acquaintance notices your new hair. In the meantime, you must have surgery and make sure your hair transplant is successful.

If you do not expose your newly operated skin to the sun, your hair transplant will not heal. Surgery will make the skin particularly sensitive. Protecting the skin of the scalp after the hair transplant helps accelerate the healing of the wound.

You can start with a hat. As I sit quite slowly, as long as I do not rub it on a new hair transplant, no problem with a hat. You must not stand for a long time. After several weeks, you can replace the cap with sunscreen. You must have at least 30 SPF.

If there is just a fair amount of blood flow to the hair transplant site, there is a big difference in the speed of healing. For example, you need to reserve enough blood at night. You can do this by sleeping with a pillow to lift your head. You can use your regular pillow, or you can buy a wedge-shaped pillow for this purpose.

On the other hand, you do not want to squirt too much blood. After the hair transplant, you should take a lot of rest. It does not make sense to be physically fierce in the first few weeks. After that, the blood flow becomes excessive. Your transplant may start bleeding.

It is important to clean your hair exactly as your doctor recommends after the hair transplant. You will receive a special shampoo and special instructions on when and how to use it. We must purify slowly and completely. Initially, you can rinse your hair several times a day. Make sure you do not disturb the grafted or scratched hair transplant site.

Have your hair transplant doctor come to the transplant exam for a week after your surgery. Please be sure to be on time for this appointment. If you have questions about how to care for your hair, please contact them right now.

If you are ready to comb the new hair, consult your doctor. You will be amazed at how fast you can use it. After that, your doctor plans other exams that you should participate in.

At first, it seems like you need to pay a lot of attention to your hair – and you do it! It does not make sense to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on your hair transplant and follow it firmly. You treat this new hair as soon as you have treated the hair you had.


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