How Surgeons Hide Donor Scars during Hair Transplant Surgery

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The hair transplant procedure leaves a scar. That’s the fact of life. However, if the surgery is performed properly, the scarring is almost unremarkable. They are almost invisibly thin in most cases. A qualified doctor has a way to effectively remove scars.

First, the surgeon must be very adept in choosing the spot of the route for harvesting donor tissue for hair transplantation. In most cases, its width should not exceed 1 cm. This allows you to completely close the scalp when sewing.

If the hair transplant procedure is good, even if the patient wears the hair in a short style, the scar is not noticeable. Only when the patient has a genetic predisposition to the keloid scar does the scar become unsightly. People with this type of problem need a special treatment.

If you know that a patient is suffering from keloid scarring, the first thing a serious doctor does before hair transplantation is to explain the possibility of unsightly scarring. This requires a very honest surgeon because the patient can judge that the patient is not worth the cure.

The next step with such a patient would be to discuss how to cover the keloid. He was able to disguise himself by wearing a little hair. Other patients have gummy skin that grows too much and causes a large scar on the donor. These two groups account for about 5% of the patients who receive hair transplants.

Other 95% of patients have no problem with small scars. The hair transplant doctor can keep the donor band very thin. They also use the double-layer closure method to heal the skin properly. As long as the surgeon knows what she is doing, the wounds are neglected.

Another aspect of scarring is when a doctor goes to a hair transplant. To provide a graft for a new graft, a new tape donor tissue must be removed each time. This will have a large number of scars on the back and underarms of the head.

In fact, there is a hair transplant procedure that leaves a scar on a thin line. It involves cutting a new thin donor ribbon just above the original wound. In most cases, old scars are deleted at the same time. When a wound is sutured, the entire area of ​​the old scar and the new wound is sutured to a line. This procedure is used every time multiple operations are performed.

Hair implant surgery leaves a scar. That’s for sure. If you’re one of the few unfortunate people you can easily hurt, you may have scars to hide. However, if you are a person like most people, there is no scar that no one notices.


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