How Hair Is Inserted in Hair Transplant Surgery

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The hair transplant begins after anesthesia and removes donor tissue. The capillary unit is removed from the tissue with a stereomicroscope. All this is done by qualified nurses and technicians. The Haareinführung in the receptor site will be done later.

When follicular units for hair transplantation are prepared from donor tissue, the technicians divide it into saline. The temperature should be ideal and small grafts cannot survive in this procedure. This is done very carefully to ensure good results.

The surgeon must make a small incision in the scalp and the hair implant must be removed. These are called receptor sites. They are made with very thin surgical needles. The surgeon must pay close attention to the receptor site. Especially on the hairline, a natural look must be very artistic.

The direction of hair growth is very important both in front of the head and in the head. The doctor must ensure that the newly placed hair looks like the natural hair of the patient. The position of the hair depends on how far away from the head.

When the surgeon performs all hair transplant cuts exposing the design he has created, a specially trained surgical team intervenes. They use the plan to reach their goal and then use the patient’s goal. Surgeons do the basic work for them when they do incisions.

The surgical team is responsible for the transplantation of each hair transplant to the recipient site as agreed. However, small grafts are not a waste of time as they are brittle when follicles are outside the skin. The goal is to perform the transplant as soon as possible while remaining true to the project.

Therefore, the doctor observes the hair transplant and checks the quality. It may take some time to refine the placement of the grafts and ensure that they are all properly positioned at the receiving site. As soon as he agrees, surgical technicians take care of the patient.

The graft is permanently set up while the technician blows and dries the fresh air dryer. This keeps them in place to avoid bandages. The patient is asked to bring or receive a baseball cap to return home after the hair transplant.

The doctor wants to see how the graft behaves the day after the hair transplant. Patients check if problems can be resolved quickly. If this is not possible, you can plan to fix it at least one more time.

The doctor is responsible for hair transplantation at this stage. There are only regular checks. If hair removal is important, there may be more procedures, but all hair transplants are done with the same care.


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