How Are Follicular Units Used in Hair Transplant Surgery?

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Some doctors have known follicular units for a long time, but knowledge has recently found its way into hair transplantation. Now, these ideas are used daily in hair reconstruction.

In order to understand how follicular units affect hair transplantation, it is first necessary to understand what the follicular unit is. A follicular unit is a unit consisting of several parts. All these parts are necessary as a whole.

The first part, and the one in which most people receive a hair transplant is interested in hair. There should be one to four complete hair follicles in the unit and one or two fine hairs. The follicular unit contains sebaceous glands that produce oil.

The follicular unit is a unit of life with muscles, nerves and blood vessels, all of which are small enough to fit into this small package. The unit is moved by a band of collagen that holds it together. If you look at a scalp under a microscope, you can see the follicular units in this way.

The idea of incorporating this information into hair transplantation has led to innovative surgical methods. Instead of just moving the individual hair follicles, the surgeons actually moved a unit that contained everything necessary to keep growing. The results have been revolutionary.

The one-way surgeons were able to move the follicular donation units to the baldness areas as a single strip culture. This is done by moving small strips of tissue that contain follicular units.

This method keeps the units intact and ready for transplantation. Previous methods, such as mini-grafts and micro-grafts, have broken follicular units.

As part of the Hair Transplant Unit (FUT) capillary transplant process, a new microscope technique was used. It’s called stereomicroscopic preparation. This means that the follicular units are carefully removed from the donor tissue and stored individually intact.

When doctors use hair transplant procedures with FUT, they should not use large enough donor sites.

The follicular units are small and can be separated under a microscope by a hairless tissue. In this way, only the tissue is transplanted, the hair grows. It is a much more efficient method in this way.

Follicular units used during hair transplantation are placed in small holes the size of needles. The insertion sites heal quickly and leave no traces. This allows a much more comfortable recovery and better results.

FUT hair transplant procedures can make a big difference in the number of times a patient needs to return to receive more treatments. More grafts can be done in a single session, so the patient has less to return. This is more convenient for patients.

Hair transplantation performed with follicular unit procedures is becoming increasingly the norm. Maybe it’s because he puts his hair on his scalp in the same arrangement where he naturally grows there. This represents an advance in hair transplant technology.


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