How Are Eyebrow Hair Transplant Procedures Different?

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It is not uncommon for men to transplant hair with male pattern baldness. Even alopecia in women has been discussed in advertisements in hair transplant clinics.

A less common application of hair transplantation is the replacement of the eyebrows. However, this procedure differs significantly from other hair transplants.

As they are an integral part of a human face, it is important to exchange eye-catching eyebrows. People are aware that their heads are sharp, their hair is curled and bald. It is not unusual to see thin women. However, if you think of a person without eyebrows, that effect becomes an obstacle. Only eyebrows are expected.

Some hair has fallen over time, so some people transplanted the hair to the eyebrows. Other people have thyroid disease and other diseases that affect the hair. Certain alopecia leads to loss of eyebrows. Excessive hair loss can also be a problem. Burns, tattoos and infectious diseases cause eyebrows to fall, and some people can not get their eyebrows.

Because the eyebrows are different from the hair of the head, the hair transplantation of the eyebrows is different. First, the hair has a pronounced growth pattern, where each section of the eyebrows points in a different direction. As the hair draws a sharp angle, the hair grows flat on the face once it is stretched. The scalp has a softer angle.

The eyebrows do not grow in follicular units of the same type as the hair of the scalp. Instead of growing in groups of 1 to 4 hairs, it is just a pile of hair. You can see this with a careful view of the mirror with your eyebrows. The capillary transplant method must take this fact into account.

When a doctor transplants the hair to replace the eyebrows, they should make sure that the hair points in the direction of the natural hair. Therefore, the surgeon uses a very thin needle. You should also use this to help flatten the hair.

Since the eyebrows are composed of individual hair, these individual hair units must be produced during hair transplantation. For this purpose, as with other hair transplants, hair is removed from the scalp. Follicular units are divided into individual hair transplants. This is done with a stereomicroscope.

The introduction of these micro plants is a very difficult business. It is difficult to create a right angle. If the patient does not have straight hair, it is necessary to introduce the hair turning it even though the hair is bent.

One disadvantage of eyebrow transplant surgery is that the eyebrows produce hair that does not grow normally and, in fact, it is necessary to cut it because it is the scalp. Even if the wound heals, the position of the eyebrows changes, not so natural.

However, if you need a hair transplant to replace your eyebrows, it is usually a much better option than the other options you have. The eyebrows saved with eyebrow pencils do not look natural, and it is impossible for many people to leave without eyebrows. Hair transplant surgery is the best option.

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