Dogs require age-specific diets throughout their lives

Feeding puppies55 1 - Dogs require age-specific diets throughout their lives
Yes, dogs definitely require that they are fed differently depending on their age. This statement is very true. As an example, you will notice that puppies will require milk more than any other food items, whereas adult dogs will need meats, whether chicken or beef, together with milk and boiled eggs.

Diet schedules for dogs vary in reality, just like in any other animal species. This variation is however dependent on the different ages of the dog.

Feeding puppies

The protein requirements of puppies are quite high compared to adult dogs. So is the requirement for carbohydrates and fats.

As a matter of fact, puppies will have to be fed more in during the day, and their feeding schedule should be frequent. This is not in any way similar to adult dogs. Puppies are habitually more physically active than adult dogs. This means that their requirements based on movement and energy expenditure are actually higher.

Feeding older dogs

Elderly dogs will require that their protein intake is restricted. However, the protein they are given should have several features; it should be assimilated easily within the body, as well as be digested easily.

Their feeding schedules should provide enough water supply to them. Avoiding giving dogs that have aged too many proteins is a wise thing to do. These proteins in excess may overwork their kidneys leading ultimately to damage of the kidney filter structures; kidney failure.

All the above is especially relevant when there is a compromise to the immune system in these dogs. This may result from the interplay of many factors. Also important to note is that old dogs have fewer movements, meaning they spend way less energy compared to young dogs and hence their food requirements are low.

Feeding female dogs that are pregnant

Female pregnant dogs also have special feeding requirements. Since they are pregnant, they should not be given too much food to completely fill their stomachs. This may cause discomfort to them.

They, however, require special food items. So do they when they are nursing. These food items should provide a balanced nutrition type. They should receive supplementation with the right minerals and vitamins too.

To avoid any problems in the growth of the puppies, they together with their mothers should be given sufficient amounts of the mineral calcium. This will help avoid any deficiencies in both the puppies and the mother, and the puppies bones will grow well to be straight.


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