Dating Etiquette

If you go so far, you have something specific,
You have to perform their own way. Of course, you want the person
So, you should not try to be someone else, in order to meet you,
You do not have

If you go away, you have to put on and wear clothes
Nice. In other words, to show the other care person
Its appearance, to take care of the same is to be sure of what
Consider later. If still not what matters
Other people think, you probably should not
Salts with an appointment with them.

In case it is necessary for the people
In addition, please do not forget to open the door of the car and all doors

In the case of women who are missing, a feminist,
Then, the door open, we will do things for yourself
Or disturbed. In addition, you pay
Their own meals.

If you do not go to this day independent
Women are feminists, will open their
Door when you are ab Holst when it is time
I am not willing to pay for the whole day.

Please do not take your date somewhere, and you can not
Before the deadline for money, you can not find
Ceiling bill.

The price tag does not include the others.
People feel like in an interview. here is
And for the people of the day with many questions together
But they want to know the other person.

They are, however, feel as though eventually,
Interview or could scare them. Please in the
Create a comfortable environment.