Collie dog is a great sport dog. He can learn to work with pointers and setters, as well as with water spaniels and hunting dogs. He can be trained to work with other races. He is a seasoned hunter and has an excellent nose, excellent parasite killer and guard, watchman and the most loyal companions.

Little is known about the origin of the collie, but its humility and appearance suggest a relationship with the wild dog. Buffon believed he was a true natural dog, a breed and a model for all sorts of dogs. He regarded the shepherd as an instinct and an intelligence superior to all other races, and he ideally serves a person with the character that education has a relatively small share. It is a trained animal. ,

At the show, this dog is always at the top of the class. He is considered the most manageable and certainly the most agile. Secondly, the slender hair mass is a very tough and useful dog and is well suited to work that is prone or usually very floating. He is not as cute as black and white and does not hurry to make friends. No dog is as elegant and physically beautiful as the collie show of that time. Produced after old work, it is practically a different breed.

The skull should be flat, slightly wider between the ears and tapering towards the eyes. You should only have a slight depression when you stop. The width of the skull necessarily depends on the overall length of the skull and muzzle. And everything should be considered in proportion to the size of the dog. The cheeks should not be full or convex.

The muzzle should taper to the nose, be long enough, show no weakness and not be dazzling or sticky. Whatever the color of the dog, his nose must be black. The teeth should be a good size and even healthy. Even minor inequalities are detected. Pine clean and strong cut. The eye is a very important feature and gives the dog an expression. They should be medium-sized, slightly sloping, almond-shaped and brown, with the exception of blackbirds, whose eyes are often blue and white, or porcelain (one or both). See it fast, carefully, listen, expressive intellect. The ears should be small, moderately wide and not too close together, but not on the top of the skull and not on the sides of the head. They should in principle be thrown away when they rest, but when they are done, they are taken along and kept in half, the tips of the ears are weak. Can be tipped

The neck should be muscular, strong, long and slightly curved. The body should be strong, with thin ribs, deep chest, wide enough behind the shoulders, strong and strong kidneys. The dog should be straight. The forefoot is straight and muscular, neither inside nor outside on the elbow, and a sufficient amount of bone is required. The forearms are rather meaty and the monks show no weakness and flexibility. The hind limbs should be muscular on the thighs, clean and tense under the hook joints, and the suffocation should be well arched. The legs should be oval, the soles of the feet should be well padded, and the toes should be bent to bring them closer together.

He is naturally active and flexible, his deep chest is the strength of his lungs, the strength of his neck, his shoulders are sloping and the hooks are well bent. He must have a long length on the foot, which makes him look more expressive than he looks. In short, Collie must demonstrate endurance, activity, and intelligence with freedom and true action. The dog is 22 cm tall and has a 20-inch bite on the 24-inch shoulder. The dog weighs 45 to 65 pounds and the complaint is 40 to 55 pounds. Smoothies are different from pure wool.