Alfie:The devastating picture of a little boy his heartbroken parents want you to see

Alfie: The devastating picture of a little boy his heartbroken parents want you to see


The brave family of a tender and tender four-year-old boy wants his devastating story to be told across the UK to save the lives of others across the country.

Alfie returned home from her first day of school and told her mother that she was anxious to get home.

But the same night, she did not feel well and the next morning she developed a purple rash with an unpleasant look.

His heartbreaking family has now shared his heartbreaking story with an extremely shocking picture that, hopefully, will educate people about the illness that took their child.
Alfie was taken to the hospital, where her condition deteriorated rapidly and the doctors had to revive him twice.

The brave boy was later diagnosed with meningococcal sepsis – a serious blood infection – and died nearly two weeks later.
His parents managed to cuddle him for the first time since he was hospitalized 13 days earlier.

Alfie’s aunt, Dani Lowther, launched an online call to raise awareness of meningitis and meningococcal sepsis and raise funds for Alfie’s funeral.

“He was a very happy, affectionate, cuddly and affectionate kid,” he told Plymouth Live.

“He loved Disney and Paw Patrol and he loved making new friends, he loved people”.

Dani said that Alfie, who lived with her parents at home in Plymouth, seemed to have a cold, but there were no signs of serious illness.

He added that the best way to honor his memory would be to save another child in the UK with his story.

“That night, he came home from school and looked a little under the rain.”

“He was a little sniffed, and when he went to bed, his parents gave him Calpol, like everyone else.


“He was ill that night and a bit tired, so in the morning he had a purple rash, so they immediately called the ambulance.

“They took him to Derriford and took his mother and father to the emergency room and told them it was critical.”

After two solicitations from Alfie, the doctors managed to stabilize him and the next day he was taken to a specialized hospital for children, the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.

“They asked his parents to go to the ambulance with him, but they warned us that he would not make the trip,” Dani said.

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“He died 13 days later, saying that he was critical all the time, but stable.

“There were good signs, he made a living, but in the end, they said his heart was working alone.

“We thought it was going in the right direction, but then its organs started to close.”

Dozens of people made a donation and left a “right-page” condolences message that has raised over 6,000 pounds so far.


Dani added: “We received incredible support from all our friends and family, but there were so many people who did not know our family that they had time to read Alfie’s story and send us messages or donations. We just want to say a big thank you, it really means a lot. ”

Dani said that Alfie’s parents had asked to be left alone and would prefer not to be named.