9 Ways to Know your Dating is not Going Well

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It is undeniable that regardless of how hard you try to mend a relationship, there may be signs that you simply cannot ignore. It is confusing when in some moments you fail to know whether you should break up and move on or keep trying to give it a chance.It would be extremely vital to be sure you got the correct signs before proceeding to end a relationship with someone you once cared deeply about.
We all admit that it is not easy to accept a previously promising relationship has come to an end and that you will have to move on.

It is therefore, easy to ignore the telltale signs and keep living with the hopes that it will be different someday soon. Even without an improvement you are likely to keep holding on but know you will need to make a decision on quitting.

Here are 9 ways to know your dating is not going well and you probably need to quit before you cause more damage to yourself.

Silent Treatment
Silent treatment is common in relationships even without planning on doing it. It is designed to keep the other party in suspense especially not knowing exactly what they did wrong.

The recipient does not have a clue of how bad the situation is and are afraid to ask. They end up becoming controlled and abused according to therapists.

Couples often utilize this tactic as a weapon to gain control of their partners. When this happens to you; let go of your ego and quit to escape the exploitation.

Honesty, like trust is a huge contributor to building a strong relationship. Failing to share your feelings in honesty makes your partner feel like you are suddenly a stranger to them.

The sense of lack of surety in your partner brings suspicion making you feel like you do not know the person.

Not feeling Appreciated
Every individual has their insecurities on their personality and may have big doubts that they struggle with. We find solace in our partners because they make us feel better about ourselves with our weaknesses.

When, however, you find exacerbation and undermining from your partner that robs you of your confidence, take note of a clear indicator it is not the time and the appropriate person to be dating.

A partner is meant to affirm and celebrate you by highlighting the positive things about you. If you face destruction of your confidence and efforts at improvement, you are better off without that person.

Friend’s Unanimous Disapproval
When you are in a dilemma on quitting or waiting, your friends will see but with more sanity and open mindedness than you.

If most of the closest people you that you trust beg you to break it knowing how muc

h you have invested in the relationship, take the advice seriously.

People who love you the most and you are sure they mean good to you disapprove a relationship unanimously separately without consulting, consider their opinion and quit the relationship because it is not going well.

Cons Outweighing the Pros
It is reasonable to make a list of the pros and cons in a cost-benefit analysis. It may seem formal and insensitive but it is helpful in a situation where your judgment is marred by a cloud of emotions.

Simply take a pen and paper and write a list of advantages of proceeding with the relationship parallel to the disadvantages.

Do not limit yourself to the qualities of the person but proceed with a list of the consequences of leaving versus staying. If the reasons to break-up out-weigh those to keep dating, then call a time no matter how hard it seems.

Varying Values
When your perspectives and goals in life do not match, it is a big reason to think about

your personality,personality test,personality types,personality traits,character,your personality and your brain,reveals the truth,your relationship,types of hug and what they mean,types of hugs guys give,types of hugs and meanings,types of hugs from guys,types of hugs for girls

leaving your partner. The importance of values in guiding lives and decisions cannot be underestimated.

The may range from morals and ethics such as honesty which is key in a relationship to rights, volunteering and other social decisions.

A radical extreme difference in the values causing a conflict of interests is not a good sign to stay in the relationship.

For example, if you are deeply value spiritual issues but your partner sees completely no sense in the matter, a conflict is inevitable from the barrier facing you. To escape the frustration, consider the way out.

Poor Communication
Intimacy cannot be sustained without sharing the deepest secrets, feelings, dreams and fears. If your levels of desire for company and communication differ significantly, you are bound to strain the relationship.

If for example, you are not able to keep up on the same page on matters simple and complex, assuming or ignoring will only postpone the problem.

Without proper communication, there cannot be solutions found or harmony derived during crisis which always comes.

Although boredom is inevitable, dealing with it is very critical in maintaining the flavor of the relationship. Boredom is significant among women causing 1 out 5 break-ups.

Without new and exciting things to do together, the woman is highly likely to get bored and opt for a weird option like becoming single again.

Attempting to Change a Partner
No adult would enjoy control of another person to change them or their personality unless ,it is necessary at work or school on rare occasions. The repulsion and resistance from them will cause a strain on both partners.

There are many causes of the need to break-up. The time needed to make the decision depends on the personality of a person and their ability to be patient.

No one should suffer out of ignorance or quickly judge a situation, consult your therapist before you make that huge step to leave a once exciting relationship.


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