8 Simple Tips For Keeping Your Pet Birds Health

healthy birds - 8 Simple Tips For Keeping Your Pet Birds Health

Birds are vertebrates categorized as a group of endothermic vertebrates. A greater fraction of them are popular as pets. From parrots to doves to canaries and lots more. However, you should endeavor to keep your birds healthy. This article aims at educating bird per lovers and owners on how to take care of their bird’s health.


Listed below are some eight essential bird health tips:

1. You should endeavor to keep your birds healthy. An essential way of doing that is by ensuring they are properly fed. This helps them to live long. If you don’t feed your birds properly, it might cause them to malnourished and also be prone to diseases resulting in death. Endeavor to feed your birds appropriately from the onset.


2. All species of parrot feed on various kinds of food. Do not always feed your birds on grains. Most new bird owners do this and it isn’t proper. This is because these grains consist majorly of fats, minute vitamins and little or no protein.


3. Birds feed on various kinds of foods, but it is of paramount importance to feed them appropriately. You could feed them with grains, pretzels, whole wheat pastas and bread. Any food that has high fat content should be avoided, most especially avocados.


4. If you want your birds to be healthy, feed them mostly on beans, legumes, various vegetables and fruits. Some birds refuse new foods while some others are susceptible to new foods. For birds that refuse new foods, continue to introduce them to a various foods, with time they would adapt although it might take some time as in most cases these birds are already used to wildlife.


5. If you want to change your bird’s diet, try to do it constantly and at a slow pace. Endeavor to provide them with the fresh diet twice daily. Do not leave food for a long time in their cages as the food might become poisonous which could make your birds sick.


6. Make sure your birds are fed twice daily. This would make your birds appear more healthy and active. They would also be getting hungry every now and then, causing them to have a good appetite and this can lead to them trying out new food. Feeding them twice daily would help you to be able to detect how well your birds are eating. If they aren’t eating well, that means they could be sick.


7. If your bird naturally doesn’t feed well, that is it’s the picky type, you could try heating the vegetables a little bit. Also, do not include nuts to their diets until they start feeding in a variety of foods.


8. Water is essential for birds. Always make sure your bird’s water dishes are kept clean and filled with fresh water. Their dishes get dirty quickly, therefore endeavor to wash them daily with hot soapy water. Try to wash the bird’s water dishes with a solution containing bleach, once a week. Also, add vitamin tablets to their water every day.


Birds are fantastic pets and can live long if properly taken care of. This could be done by maintaining a healthy diet.

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