3 Reasons Why Inner Game Will Help Your Love Life

online dating000 - 3 Reasons Why Inner Game Will Help Your Love Life

What Does `Inner Game` Mean? The Inner game is the continual process of handling your emotions when dealing with people especially the opposite sex.

It could also mean erasing the negative perception you’ve had about the opposite sex and society since childhood with positive perceptions.

You may have been to a house party where you were very comfortable, and you may also have been to a club where you weren’t comfortable.

Atimes, it is effortless to be calm and friendly in one environment than in another. The environment where you seem to be more comfortable is your “comfort zone.”

How? Because in that environment, you know how to behave yourself and you are also free in that environment.
On the other hand, if you find yourself outside your comfort zone, you might become naïve.

This is because we always display specific extrinsic techniques and social skills which do not apply to the particular environment we happen to be. However, if you are confident, you would not have to worry about all these or getting nervous now and then.

When you have confidence, it affects people around you, by making them change their attitude to suit yours. For instance, if Bill Clinton should walk into a rock concert or hip-hop concert, everyone present would want to impress him.

The Inner game can positively influence your body language. Fifty-five percent of our body languages is dependent on the perception of people about us. Thirty-eight percent is dependent on the way they perceive us, and seven percent is dependent on our speech.

A satisfactory inner game permits your body language to communicate effectively. This is known as agreement.

When your words portray your exact attitude, that is, if they pretend to be confident when you are with a woman but in the actual sense, you are very timid, trust me she would know, and you might end up losing her.

Inner game reforms every part of your life and it also makes you more alluring.
Finally, inner game development or growth should not be restricted to confidence. It applies to all aspects of life. Being successful in life would boost your confidence and make you more attractive to women.

If you don’t develop strong inner game skills, it could cause you a lot of disappointment and humiliation.




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