3 Important Things To Remember When Training Your Puppy

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As children grow, there are many ways to breed puppies. In fact, the way for a generic family! But most of us agree that something universal and unprotected when it becomes a child.

Here are three things that many people do not think about dog training. My dog does not listen to me or just does not act.

1-Until we tell you, the dog does not understand English.

What we love most about puppies is the way they live for us, everything they give us, how our lives are theirs. In the beginning, we will learn to learn the language, the expression and the language of the body. If we do not teach English, that’s all. We say, “Want to go out? One day,” Do I have to go to the bathroom? “The next day, and then” hatta pee? “Day 3, if you understand what we want, if it is because I went to the door with a happy face to take a string! If you want to speed up your triple education, he in your words please tell me. choose the command of the action, you can follow it. If, as you use your same words and commands to all members of the family so that you learn faster, your puppy is your It will surprise you.

2. The metabolism of the puppy is moving faster than we think.

The younger your puppy, the faster your growth, the more food, and water you need to boost your metabolism, the more you need to go to the bathroom. Do not punish your puppy if you make a big mistake. These are your mistakes. The age of your puppy and the size of his breed determine the frequency with which he must go out. It is not very common, especially in summer, for a puppy of 6 weeks a week once in an hour. Dogs like the smell of nature, so there’s no excuse to eat seven to eight weeks. Immediately after a nap, after eating, after the care is an important moment. He will let you know. Please chew toys and suddenly get up with a nose on the floor, please move quickly! And please praise him in heaven every time he goes to the bathroom! “What a good kid!”, “Sorry!” Dogs love our face and do something to get it.

3. The dog lives for our facial expressions and body language.

For that reason, the worst punishment for your dog is ugly and leaves him behind. I see the tail collapse and the face gets very sad. He will learn the lesson, I guarantee it. His attention span is only 3-5 minutes, so please do not despise anymore. I love him and give him a happy face again. Physical punishment is never necessary. With constant commands and affection praise, he will know what you want from him before you know it. He will be the master of body language and expression.

Of course, there are many aspects of puppy training. Loving gentleness works like a child for a puppy and creates a happy, adaptable, obedient dog. These three important clues are used consistently and confidently and start well.

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