3 Categories Of Women You are likely to Meet

Women You are likely to Mee - 3 Categories Of Women You are likely to Meet

There are three categories or groups of women when it comes to women-men cohabitation or relationship. The first group can be described as the “I think I like him group,” the second is the “I don’t like him group,” while the last is the “indecisive group.”

Now that you are aware of the three different categories lets go over each ones strengths and weaknesses for you.

I think I like him group

In this group, the man might have a resemblance to someone she knows or he might dress in a way that seems attractive to her or they might be able to relate in a certain way, making him have an edge over other guys. This makes it easier for the man to be able to take the relationship to the next phase.

I Don’t Like Him

You ever meet someone and for no apparent or real good reason you don’t like them. It is a normal occurrence to meet someone and not be attracted to the person or you just might not like the person without any obvious reasons. Women find men who lack self-confidence unattractive.  They might just be attracted to the man if he is famous or rich.

Indecisive group

About eighty percent of guys belong to this group. A research on how to attract and seduce women can help men in this group become ideal for women by working their way into the woman’s life.

Finally, here is an opportunity for you to be able to get the kind of woman you want despite the fact that she might be thinking otherwise, you could get her attracted to you over a cup of tea or coffee. This article would help you increase your luck with women.



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