According to science, the earth has been around for 4.5 billion years, and humans have called the earth home for only 200,000 years. Thus, our planet has been in existence before us and will still exist after we are gone. Imagine a world without the human race; it wouldn’t take that long for the world to start feeling the effect immediately. The changes will be shocking and planet earth as we know it will be changed forever.
The world’s power supply will shut down since most power stations around the world work on fossil fuel produced by human run power plants. This implies that lights and machines dependent on power plants would stop working. The world would go almost dark, but there would still be power, thanks to solar panels and windmills. After a few days, in 48 hours without proper maintenance, the windmills and solar panels that were still activated would soon shut down, and a planet would now officially be without any power.

Housepets would start to starve and suffer from dehydration from not being looked after by their owners. Most of the house pets and livestock would die because they will lack proper care and don’t have the skills to live in a world without humans. Metro stations and lines would start to flood because humans run the pumps that keep them dry and they would no longer have anyone to operate them.

After a few weeks, because of their breeding, any physical advantages for wildlife survival, designer pets such as Bulldogs and Terriers would die out after a few weeks of humans vanishing. Big dogs will start forming packs to survive, and they will begin to hunt smaller animals. Domestic animals would also become a larger food source for the already existing wildlife. Within a few weeks, many animals contained in zoos or enclosures would be able to escape and become predators once again.

After a month, water that helps pool nuclear power plants will have evaporated causing a devastating nuclear explosion. Millions of animals and wildlife will die from cancer caused by radiation from the explosion. Sewage drainage systems that rely on power plants will stop working, and rivers and lakes will fill with sewage backup. The sewage backup would kill off most wildlife that relies on rivers and lakes for their ecosystems. Chemical and natural gas plants would now start to have effects on the environment as chemicals get released into the atmosphere and natural gas will start wildfires that last for a day after a year.

If humans vanished after a year, the earth would start rebuilding itself from the lack of human encroachment. Luckily, the earth will be able to bounce back from all the nuclear chemical and natural gas disaster pretty quickly. Not surprisingly, all the substances that would have been recycled like plastics and electronics would now be found littered in the wall.

A year after humans vanish, satellites will start falling from the sky creating incredible spectacles that resemble a meteor shower.

25 years later, without humans mutating the genes of plants to make them larger and easier to grow, the plants on earth would start to change. It would take two decades, but vegetation will begin to revert to their original state. Plants would also have already taken over cities, and once-popular streets and buildings will be covered in grass and trees, with vegetation, come the animals that rely on it as a food source. Cities will now be riddled with wildlife and buildings and homes will start collapsing with no up key. Cities like Vegas and Dubai will revert to their natural environment and will be covered by sand from the desert. There will also be a lack of pollution caused by humans and the visibility in cities will increase 300 years.

Later, animals will now rule the world and once-endangered animals like elephants have been able to bounce back without threat and the distribution of animals across the globe would be various lions and elephants. That once called Africa home will now roam in what was once Manhattan large steel, constructions such as; bridges, buildings and the Eiffel Tower will finally start to collapse due to corrosion.

Marine animals would also start to thrive without humans, and the world seas would be abundant with wildlife. 10,000 years later, all the cities and any indicators of human existence would be gone, except for a few stone structures. Only the pyramids, Great Wall of China and Mount Rushmore will survive. These stone structures have the potential to stand for hundreds of thousands of years and may be the only sign of human life on this planet after we are gone.

15 million years after, the only thing that will survive without humans will be plastic. Future alien that comes to our world will be puzzled by the plastics they find in fossils. It would take our planet another 50 million years to get rid of plastics as well as any evidence that will reveal human existence.

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