Lots of hidden forces are responsible for keeping our world functioning without our notice. Take for instance gravity, and the magnetic field.

Many unknown forces keep our world functioning correctly without us even knowing, it’s from gravity to magnetic fields we don’t really think about the things that keep our earth from utter disaster. Today we are discussing what would happen if the world stopped spinning.

1. Everything would launch sideways;

the earth’s spin creates gravity which keeps everything on earth from flying into space. Now we wouldn’t exactly blast off into space if the world stopped spinning, but there would be some damaging side effects if the world stopped turning.

Almost immediately everything including humans would launch sideways at nearly a thousand miles per hour; this is because the earth would still be rotating around the Sun and there would be tremendous winds as we continue our journey without the Earth’s rotation.

2. The oceans will also be affected if the world stops spinning.

There would be major devastation from tsunamis. The tsunamis are caused by the lack of gravity at the earth’s equator which makes the oceans gather and move towards the poles. As the oceans move towards the poles, they would change the whole structure of the planet as well as causing major structural damage to anything in their path, and causing death.

3. The biggest change our planet would face is at the equator;

With the vast majority of plants and people located close to the equators than the poles, life will cease to exist once the earth stops spinning.

The winds would cause mass erosion of anything in their path, there would be no more water to support life, and even if there were, the blistering heat would cause massive droughts. This doesn’t even bring into account the fact that we could be hit by a solar flare at any moment and wouldn’t be protected by the Earth’s magnetic field.

4. We will experience longer days if the earth stops rotating.

The earth’s rotation brings about day and night; it takes the earth roughly 24 hours to spin on its axis and give us one full day.

If the earth stopped spinning, it would take a whole year for the planet to make one complete rotation on its axis; this implies that it is going to take 365 days to make one day.

5. Our season will also be affected as they wouldn’t have smooth transitions into one another,

this would wreak havoc on vegetation and anyone unfortunate enough to survive the initial shock.

6. The globe would become a sphere though it may seem minor to all the catastrophes on the list.

If the world stopped spinning, the earth would become a perfect sphere shape. Many think the earth is round in shape but that isn’t exactly true, there is a slight bulge at the equator which makes it more of the shape of a flattened ball.

7. There is actually more to be concerned about than just the shape of the earth,

because of the Bulge at the equator there is more ocean water being held and if the earth stopped spinning the Bulge would flatten out and cause the ocean water to expand and flood surrounding areas.

8. One of the craziest things that would happen if the world stopped spinning is the fact that one large supercontinent would form as we’ve learned earlier.

The lack of gravity will cause the oceans to migrate to the pole this would cause major flooding of the north and south poles, and the world would be left with two huge oceans. Because of this, all the oceans will be gone from the equator, and we will be left with one belt-like land mass around the world.

9. The globe would no longer be tilted,

the tilt of our planet may not seem like a big deal, but you may be surprised to learn that it plays a part in our seasons. The earth’s tilt is defined by how the planet is rotating compared to our Sun; now if the world stopped turning, then the fact it is tilted would no longer serve a purpose.

This means light would hit most directly at the earth’s equator and the four seasons as we know them would disappear.

10. If the earth were ever to stop rotating, it has the possibility to take out one of our greatest defense systems,

the Earth’s magnetic field. The Earth’s magnetic field is one of our biggest defenses against solar flares and radiation caused by the sun. If the magnetic field were to suddenly vanish, we would be vulnerable to anything the Sun threw at us.

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