Eating fruits are essential, they provide the body with vital minerals and nutrients. Now imagine the feeling of eating an expensive fruit, something that differs from the normal fruit you come across. In this article, we will introduce you to 10 most expensive fruits in the world you may want to try if you have the money.Buddha shaped pears1 - 10 MOST EXPENSIVE FRUITS IN THE WORLD

1. Buddha shaped pears : These pairs can be found in China. A farmer named zing Hangchow from the Hebei province is the one responsible for this fruit. According to Chinese myth, if you eat a magical Buddha shaped fruit, you could become immortal.
The fruits are grown in a molds that has the shape of Buddha. It’s very unlikely that the people who eat his fruit will become immortal but they are still willing to pay eight dollars for each pair just in case.Sakai Ichi apples1000 - 10 MOST EXPENSIVE FRUITS IN THE WORLD
2. Sekai Ichi apples: In English, the name of the sample translates to world’s number one. These apples are huge, there are about 15 inches around and they weigh up to 2 pounds. In 2014, these apples celebrated their 40th birthday, they still remain the most expensive Apple in the world.

dekopon citrus1000 - 10 MOST EXPENSIVE FRUITS IN THE WORLD

3. Dekopon Citrus: If you love mandarin oranges, you’re really going to love the deck upon version. These oranges are much larger than mandarin oranges and they are the size of a softball.
These are considered to be the sweetest oranges in the world. Farmers started growing this fruit in 1972, and only the most perfect oranges make the cut and get shipped to stores.Sembikiya Queen Strawberrie - 10 MOST EXPENSIVE FRUITS IN THE WORLD

4. Sembikiya Queen Strawberries: These are the most beautiful strawberries in existence and the appearance is what you’re paying for. They are red all the way through the leaf, the top is perfectly shaped and it’s very dark green.

You can actually see the pure white seeds coming through the skin; eating them could make you feel guilty because they are so beautiful. Any strawberry that is not absolutely perfect gets tossed out. These strawberries cost around $85 for a pack of 12.square watermelon heart000  - 10 MOST EXPENSIVE FRUITS IN THE WORLD

5. Square watermelons: The square watermelon is yet another expensive fruit that is grown in Japan. In 2014, this amazing fruit finally began shipping outside of Japan. They’re grown in a box which gives them the square shape.

The average weight of a square watermelon is 13 pounds, most people who are willing to pay the outrageous price of $800 per watermelon. Some do not even eat them, they just display them in their homes or store for decoration.Pineapples From The Lost Ga - 10 MOST EXPENSIVE FRUITS IN THE WORLD

6. Pineapples from the lost gardens of Heligan: This is one of the 10 most expensive fruits in the world. For a good reason, it costs thousands of dollars the most well-known botanical spot in the United Kingdom is the lost gardens of Heligan.

Pineapple pits are not very common in the UK and this garden is the only place to find them on the entire continent. To keep the pits safe, mud structures are placed in rotting manure; this helps the pineapples stay ripe and grow quickly. It will cost you an average of $1,600 for one pineapple.

Taiyo no tamago mangoes00 - 10 MOST EXPENSIVE FRUITS IN THE WORLD

7. Taiyo no tamago mangoes: The name of this mango translates into eggs in the Sun; this fruit doesn’t taste like eggs; they’re just shaped like them.

This fruit are grown in Japan and they look slightly like the Dole mangos that you buy in North America. The company that grow this fruit won’t sell one that weighs more than 350 grams.


8. Ruby Roman grapes: Most people walk through the supermarket and eat grapes while they shop until they get to the checkout and pay, this is not something that you can do with the Ruby Roman grapes.

They are grown in the Ishikawa Prefecture in Japan and they are known as table grapes; this is because each one is the size of a ping-pong ball. A bunch would cost you $4000.

Watermelon seeds Densuke wa - 10 MOST EXPENSIVE FRUITS IN THE WORLD

9. The densuke  watermelon: This watermelon is much larger than the typical watermelon with an average size of around 24 pounds Rather than having a green rind, this one has a black one.

These watermelons are very rare, they’re grown on the island of Hokkaido Japan and only 10,000 are grown each year. Rich people are willing to pay for this fruit because it is rare; it cost $6,100.


10. Banana art: Unlike the rest of the fruit on our list, this banana was not grown. It was actually created by an artist who uses bananas to create his art; his banana art sells for thousands of dollars at art auctions.

Odd right? We all know this banana won’t last forever just like every other fruits, they get spoilt also. Well, this fruit is just for the rich because who else is going to be willing to pay so much for a piece of art that can only be displayed for a couple of weeks.

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