There are lots of different foods on the planet, from apples to eggs. In as much as many are beneficial, a lot of them are harmful and should be avoided completely.

There are a lot of foods that are dangerous to our health; however, this article consists of a list of 10 foods some people do not know are harmful to their health and the environment.

Margarine: For a long time, this food has been recommended as a safer and healthier option to butter; however, neither of them are good for your health.

Claims that made margarine famous is that it has no cholesterol and contains essential fats that can reduce LDL or bad cholesterol significantly. This is not an honest fact; margarine is made out of trans fats that can block arteries and cause cardiovascular diseases; just as taking butter.

American apples: The European food agency in 2012 banned apples treated with a substance called PDA from being sold in the EU. PDA is mostly used to treat apples grown in America; using this substance allow farmers to store their apples for a long time without complications.
However, research carried out in 1956 by two British scientist reported that chemicals used in the production of PDA are carcinogens (can cause liver or lung cancer), and can trigger other medical problems when tested on rats.

Microwave popcorn: Many people consider popcorn as a healthy snack, but it isn’t. Popcorn is made of sugar, salt, and oil that are not good for the body. Despite this fact, microwaved popcorn is worse compared to the regular prepared popcorn. The microwavable bags used to prepare popcorns are coated with PFOA, a chemical that can cause cancer (carcinogen).

Palm oil: You may not be familiar with this product; however, there is a probability that you have eaten or used it. Palm oil is a vegetable oil derived from the palm fruit grown from African palm oil trees.

Over 50 million tons of this vegetative oil are produced each year, this food may have little effect on health, but the impact on the environment is severe. A lot of forests has been destroyed so these trees can be planted; t

his has a devastating effect on biodiversity.
It is estimated that one third of all mammalian species in Indonesia is now under serious threat from coconut oil ..
Candy sweet and candies: Most of this products are advertised as sugar-free products. However, they contain artificial sweeteners that tend to alter the proper function of the digestive system. For instance, most people have complained about having extreme intestinal cramps and severe diarrhea from consuming sugar-free gummy bears sold on Amazon.

Soda: Although most soda diet contains no sugar, they contain a high amount of artificial sweeteners; these sweeteners are made of chemicals that can temper with your taste buds. Other risk factors linked with soda consumption includes depression, tooth decay, stroke, heart attack, pancreatic cancer and sometimes stillbirths.

Shrimp: This is one of the most popular seafood in the United States. Eating shrimps has incredible environmental benefits and may endanger the health of every kilo of wild shrimp that is harvested in the sea. Most shrimp come from mangroves, their exploitation is reduced, it becomes a deep pond with antibiotics and contaminated chemicals and prevents diseases.
Eggs: Many people feel eating eggs are healthy; however, most scientist and nutritionist disagree with this fact. Eggs contain a high amount of cholesterol.
Research carried by Harvard physicians on doctors showed that doctors that consumed at least one egg per day had a significantly higher all-cause mortality risk. To those of us that love eating eggs, ensure the eggs you eat are of high quality.

Smoothies: Except the smoothies are prepared by you or in your presence, ensure you avoid consuming smoothies made or sold in stores. People think this food is healthy, but most of them contain a large amount of sugars with little or no fruits.

Meats: Red meats like beef, lamb, port and process meats like sausage, bacon, and burgers have all been linked to coronary heart diseases, cancers (breast, bowel, and prostate), and diabetes which combined are some of the biggest killers in western society.
Some research has shown meats to be a possible cause of the diseases listed above; one of which is the China study which compared the mortality rate of cancer and other chronic diseases in 65 counties of China.
The study showed counties with high consumption of animal foods are more likely to have a high death rate from diseases like cancers and diabetes while the opposite was true for counties that ate more of plant products.

Report from this research prompted the WHO to categorized red and processed meat as type 2 carcinogen.
After going through this article, I suggest you change some of your eating habits and familiarize yourself with foods that are beneficial and not harmful to your health.

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